Steam sterilizer Kronos

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With leading technology and designed for high performance, the Kronos sterilizer range also features simplistic navigational system and an easy-to-use interface.

Available in B, S or N class and in sizes ranging from 6 to 23 litres, the Kronos is the perfect solution for busy practices requiring a high throughput.

If you have your own treated water supply, you have the option to permanently plumb the unit in and connect to your own drainage system.

Including a printer as standard on all models and an optional USB port for effortless data capture, the Kronos range offers full record keeping capabilities Enabling you to comply with your local regulations and best practices.

All our Newmed sterilizers include simple and cost-effective service protocols to ensure a minimal cost of ownership and the shortest interruption in opation for service throughout the lifetime of your sterilizer.


ModelKronos N6 CRKronos B/S 6LKronos B/S/N 18LKronos B/S/N 23L
Depth 480mm 610mm 615mm 690mm
Width 445mm 450mm 505mm 505mm
Height 350mm 345mm 400mm 400mm
Printer Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB No Optional Optional Optional
Capacity 6 Litres 6 Litres 18 Litres 23 Litres
Weight 35kg 40kg 56kg 60kg
Power Supply 230-240V 230-240V 230-240V 230-240V