Coax CRF

მწარმოებელი :

Coax CRF is a multifunctional platform with a highly sophisticated design, for the effective treatment of wrinkles, facial and body skin laxity, acne and enlarged pores, localised fat and cellulite.

Coax CRF combines 5 different technologies in 3 handpieces.

Two applicators are for body treatment:

- 3 MHz ultrasound and vacuum massage
- 1 MHz ultrasound and radiofrequency, which can also be switched to criotoning

While the third handpiece is used for facial treatment:

- radiofrequency and vacuum massage when needed.

1 MHz Ultrasound

It modifies the adipocyte cell membrane structure, reducing the cell volume and eliminating local fat. The circumference of all the treated areas is drastically reduced (stomach, buttocks, hips, etc.).

3 MHz Ultrasound

Combined with mechanical massage considerably improves microcirculation and tissue texture, visibly reducing the unattractive orange peel skin appearance right from the first session.


Thespecial  four-polar system for facial treatment gives an exceptional lifting effect in just a few minutes, smoothing out wrinkles, and with an amazing filler effect for remodelling cheeks and lips.
Vacuum massage
It is a mechanical massage for treating cellulite, toning tissues and treating various types of oedema.


It works by means of reducing the temperature in certain parts of the body using a Peltier cell system. Reduced temperature combined with mechanical massage notably strengthens the capillary walls,thanks  to a very effective vascular exercise. An improved circulation is a fundamental starting point for treating cellulite and localised fat.